Individual Cable Solutions with EMC protection.No matter if standard cable or special cable solution - we are producing according to your requirements.

Is your network EMC-protected?

Do you know the following phenomena?

  • IT and communication disturbance
  • Data transmission failures, bit errors
  • Screen flickering
  • Lighting flickering
  • Corrosion on grounding systems, supply lines & armourings
  • Overvoltage issues
  • Leakage currents & losses

These are effects caused by vagrant and harmonic distorted return conductor currents in EMC weak networks.

Our Bayka Solutions for an EMC secure network

In the case of a TN-S system, the entire further installation is carried out with 5 cores from the central earthing point (the three phases as well as N and PE are separated). This is why it is also called “5-wire network”.

We produce the entire cable range that is necessary for a secure and EMC-compliant network – from the transformer to the consumer.

Power cables with optimised EMC characteristics

This topic is very complex but the essential points, without which all further measures would stay unsuccessful, is a power network system designed as a TN-S-System.

This already applies

  • Low voltage directive 2014/35/EU (low-voltage)
  • EMC directive 2014/30/EU (EMV)
  • Directive for measuring devices 2014/32/EU
  • DIN VDE 0100-444/ HD 60364-4-4-444:2010 444.4 reduction of electromagnetic malfunctions
  • DIN EN 50310 (VDE 0800-2-310, 2017-02 application of measures regarding grounding and equipotential bonding in buildings
  • Inventories of information technology

BayMotion® nonfire

The solution for transformer stations

There is little space between the transformer connection terminals and the connection point, especially for compact stations! Our BayMotion® transformer connection cables are characterised by small bending radius and an extremely robust cable design.

  • BayMotion® Flex Power+ TN-C  0,6/1 kV       4x1x…
  • BayMotion® Flex Power+ 0,6/1 kV      1-core      3-5-cores
  • BayMotion® Flex Power+ 1,8/3 kV      1-core
  • BayMotion® Power PUR FR 0,6/1 kV    1-core
  • BayMotion® nonfire B2ca Power Soil 0,6/1 kV     1-core      > 1-core
  • BayMotion® nonfire B2ca Power Soil 1,8/3 kV     1-core
  • connecting & connection cables
  • transformer stations, substations, infrastructure
  • plant and mechanical engineering

BayMotion® nonfire

EMC within production plants

Our Bayka product line BayMotion® offers a wide range of robust, interference-free and durable flexible connection cables and low-capacitance motor cables. They function as power supply and control cables for the connection of electrical plants, servo drives and drive systems with frequency conerter technology.

Flexible connection cables & low-capacitance motor cables – tailor-made for your application

  • sensitive industrial and production plants (high EMC sensitivity)
  • high temperature-resistance for higher power load
  • oil-resistant cables
  • halogen-free and flame-retardant versions
  • mechanically robust version
  • UV- and weather-resistant cables for outdoor applications
  • directly buriable and flexible connection cables


TN-S low-voltage networks on factory premises

We recommend our BayEnergy® energy cables with copper or aluminum conductors between the individual buildings. High currents require large cross sections. BayEnergy® cables with concentric outer conductors offer many advantages over individually laid cables.

EMV-Kabel with concentric conductors and
high current carrying capacity

  • connecting & connection cables
  • industrial plants and switchboards as well as local networks

BayEnergy® nonfire

TN-S low-voltage networks in buildings

On cable racks and in cable ducts there is very few space. A small bending radius and restricted place requires special cable solutions. Furthermore, the demands on fire safety have to be considered.

EMC cables with concentric conductors  and high current carrying capacity

depending on its intended purpose; available in different Euroclasses:
Eca, nonfire Cca and nonfire B2ca

EMC sensitive surroundings

  • hospitals, schools, office, industrial and public buildings
  • data centers
  • industrial companies and plants
  • research and development
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • food production

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