Bayka Fire Protection Cables for the Project of the Century in Karlsruhe

Bayka Delivers the Whole Package

Bayka is a pioneer when it comes to the development of fire protection cables complying with the CPR (Construction Products Regulation). The urban planning project in Karlsruhe, Germany, became a showcase reference of its own. The establishment of the city had been carried out through margrave Karl III. Wilhelm of Baden Durlach who had laid the foundation for his new residency. In the style of an absolutistic autocrat Karl ordered that all streets and allies should lead away from his castle, which gave Karlsruhe the surname fan city because of its disposition looking like a fan. The Southern end of the fan is limited by the “emperor’s street” (German: Kaiserstraße) which is the most important shopping mile of the city and one of the central stages of the project of the century called “Combined Solution Karlsruhe”.

Considering increasing passenger numbers, a mobility concept was developed which should raise the attractiveness of the city centre through a faster and more environmental-friendly public transport system. The gigantic urban planning project was resolved by a public referendum in 2002 and was meant to be finalized until 2020. A 2.4 kilometre long city rail tunnel, which is largely located beneath the emperor’s street (Kaiserstraße), makes the shopping mile an exclusive pedestrian zone. At the same time, passengers reach their destination faster, prompter and safer. The second subproject is a planted tramway street between bicycle paths and tree avenues while the car traffic has been relocated to a consistent car tunnel. For both tunnel constructions, special cables complying with the Construction Products Regulation (short CPR) have been demanded.

80% of all the cables, which were delivered for this project, complied with the highest possible fire protection requirements of Euroclass B2ca s1a d1 a1. At the time of placing the order Bayka was one of the very few suppliers who were able to offer the whole product range. Several kilometres of our medium voltage cables BayEnergie® nonfire and our signalling cable BayRail® nonfire, in each case in different versions, as well as cable accessories were provided – everything from one provider.

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