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Cable Accessories – Baykaplus

We have launched the cable equipment range Baykaplus in 2016. Now we can offer a faster and more individual package for our customers. Baykaplus includes joints, connectors, earthing ropes, cable lugs, tubes and many more for applications in the fields of energy technology, control and safety systems as well as the telecommunication sector.
Our web shop with order function facilitates the selection procedure and supports a fast order processing and delivery. Additionally, we offer personal advice for example for press technology and joint installation. If a standard product is not suitable for your problem we will immediately find an individual solution for your needs.

Why is the banana …. Blue?!

“The secret of success? Being different than everybody else.” (Heywood “Woody” Allen)

This has been our motto for Baykaplus ever since its launch. We want to be different.. and therefore better.But what does that mean, exactly?A cable has to fulfil its purpose. But there is more to that. We combine our technical know-how, which we have gained over many decades, with everything that has to do with cables. It begins with the professional consulting service and ends with the suitable equipment for the requested cable: a delivery including cables and the appropriate accessories for installation. Plus: the guarantee that everything will work out. If there is a request for assembly training we will support you. And for the unlikely case of having difficulties, we will be personally on site for you. We as Bayka are your personal and competent contact for cables and the respective accessories.


If you have any questions regarding our cable accessories range, please contact our Baykaplus experts:
Benedikt Herzog

Benedikt Herzog

Sales Cable Accessories

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