Success Stories

In the meantime, Bayka is an officially certified supplier of the Saudi Railway Company (SAR)… read more

We delivered special submarine cables for power supply, which were laid from the beach to the landing stage… read more

80% of all the cables, which were delivered for this project, complied with the highest possible fire protection requirements of Euroclass B2ca s1a d1 a1… read more

Four trucks which were loaded with the flexible copper cables left our production in May 2017 to hit the road to its destination at 1,800 metres height… read more

Due to difficult on-site conditions, robust but still flexible cables were needed… read more

We as Bayka delivered signalling cables for the new road sections of Hamburg’s elevated railway and the city train… read more

The Munich municipal utilities approached Bayka as connection cables for the new lighting system which should again last for four decades was needed… read more

We as Bayka are proud to be part of this unique pilot project with a worldwide innovation: Our high-quality signalling cable “BayRail® nonfire B2ca” … read more

Between mid-2018 and mid-2020 alone, Bayka contributed the signal cables and multisystem cables for the entire project… read more

The order for the first track section contained our BayRail® signal box cables with steel wire armouring, BayCom® fibre optic cables with a non-metallic armouring… read more

Since 2020, the Berlin subway line U5 runs 23 kilometers from Hönow in Brandenburg via the government district to the main train station… read more

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