TEAM SPIRIT.PASSION.QUALITY.We are Bayka - for 135 years!

Four Companies, one Team and over a Century Tradition of Cable Manufacturing – That’s Bayka.

When the era of electrification began at the end of the 19th century, we were one of the first companies manufacturing insulated electric wires. When the information era was proclamed in the 1970s, Bayka was one of the first German cable manufacturers delivering modern fibre optic cables for the expansion of infrastracture for German Post and Railway.

Now – in the second decade of the 21st century we are right in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, which will change our life and work substantially. We are ready and are developing cable solutions for tomorrow -for digital production, modern buildings, the transformation of traffic systems and energy transport.

The Subsidiaries of Bayerische Kabelwerke AG

One Century Cables

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG (Bayka) is a medium-sized cable manufacturer with more than 135 years of company tradition.

We develop and produce power cables, flexible connection and motor cables, communication cables, low-current cables, FOC, railway cables, signalling cables, fireproof cables and customer-specific cables. The product product line Baykaplus complements our cable range with an always increasing offer for cable accessories.

Our production sites for the cable manufacturing are located in the heart of Franconian Roth and in the German capital Berlin (Bayka Berlin GmbH & Berliner Glasfaserkabel GmbH). The subsidiary firm Bayka Color Farbkonzentrate GmbH, which is also located in Roth, produces colour concentrates and plactic compounds for the cable industry as well as for plastics processing companies.

Every Single Success Has Its Own Story

Bayka is one of the most well-known manufactures of power cables, paper insulated lead cables, insulated overhead lines, copper and aluminium wires, multi-system long-distance communication cables, railway cables and FOC. For more than 125 years we are on of the most successful players on these markets – exclusively “made in Germany”. We have summarized the events which were characterising our company in a time lapse.

Milestones of Bayka History

Policy Satement

Policies regarding Quality, Working Safety, Health Protection, Energy and Environment
Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility

As a traditional manufacturer of cables, wires and plastic products we feel obliged to systemetic quality management, working safety, environmental protection, sustainable energy management and  health protection as individual elements of an integrated management system.