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Our Values

How do you manage to stay over 100 years successful as a company? How do you overcome economic fluctuations and changes within the market? How does Bayka succeed in keeping their employees in the long-term and in making them company enthusiasts? By creating a common value guideline, which guides communication inwards and outwards. As a medium-sized company with a long tradition we have always been acting in a value-based manner. But in times of technological change it was important to put them into words and to pass them on to new colleagues and trainees.

Who are we? According to which values do we act?

Respect  |  Flexibility  |  Reliability  |  Competence  |  Improvement

What we can offer to our employees

  • Health Care

Health Care

The charter of fundamental rights of the European Union gives every employee the right to healthy, safe and dignified working conditions. Occupational health care, accident prevention, occupational safety are therefore of the highest priority within our company.

  • Running Group

Running Group

Doing sports in a community makes more fun. Among our employees there are real professionals who can convey the basics of a good running technique to their colleagues.

  • Health Days

Health Days

Health starts with precuation. On so-called health days our employees can make use of offers regarding healthcare during the regular working time (e.g. screening of the cardiovascular system, back check).

Internally we also have skilled personnel regarding the subjects addiction and severe disabilities.

  • company pension plan

Employer-funded pension

The company pension scheme is an important issue for us. Not just relying on the statutory pension is good and sensible.
We offer direct insurance as a company pension plan and therefore pay extra money in addition to the mandatory employer subsidy.


  • Employee Suggestions

Suggestion Scheme for Employees

No company can afford to let good ideas die instead of realizing them. Employees know the problems in their work environment very well and sometimes they see things that even their supervisor does not consider. There is a bonus system behind our suggestion scheme.

  • Vacation

Holiday + Holiday Pay

Everyone needs recovery from work in order to regenerate their workforce. We offer 30 holidays. It is important that the vacation belongs to the employee – constant availability is not requested. We pay each holiday with 1.5 times the pay.

  • Christmas bonus

Christmas Bonus

With the October payroll, employees receive a special company payment, depending on their period of employment.

  • Paid fare

Paid Fare

In order to make the journeys between home and work more tolerable, we have a fare subsidy. Tranees are fully refunded their travel expenses to the vocational school using public transport.

  • Anniversary bonus

Anniversary Bonus

In a world of steady acceleration, long-term company loyality is something very special. Loyalty to the company is highly valued and rewarded with cash prizes.

  • Special Leave

Extra Holiday

We grant special leave for special events such as weddings, relocation, birth or death in the family.

  • employee talk

Performance Reviews

Each employee needs the appraisal interview in order to know how they are perceived and assessed by their supervisor. The annual interview as part of the performance appraisal is mandatory for all supervisors.

  • Workwear

Working Clothes

We provide our employees in the commercial sector with working clothes free of charge through a rental laundry service.

  • Works Council

Works Council

We have a works council with 9 members.

  • canteen

Cafeteria + Break Rooms

Having lunch at the workplace on your own should be avoided. Spending breaks with colleagues every now and then is an opportunity to develop socially but also to learn about occupational matters. Our company has numerous break rooms and a cafeteria.

  • Christmas party

Christmas Party

We support gatherings of employees away from the daily work routine with monetary subsidies.

Petra Hörner

Head of Human Ressources

Petra Hörner
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