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Bolivia Invests in Ecological Public Transport

Bayka Cables in Cochabamba

Bolivia already perceives major effects of the climate change. Especially the lack of water over months is bothering the population. This is why in 2010 their parliament has enacted a law for the protection of the environment. Sustainability and environmental compatibility are of highest priority also regarding the expansion of their infrastructure. In 2017, green light was given for the first electrical city railway in the department Cochambamba. Three routes with over 42 kilometres route lengths and 43 stations were built in the first road section, which connects six cities.
The Spanish/ Swiss Joint Venture of Joca and Molinari was responsible for the turnkey project; they sub-contracted the order for the signalling and communication system to ErcoCom and BÄR AG. We as Bayka delivered the demanded cables to BÄR, the innovative Swiss manufacturer of electronic interlock boxes. Our Sales representative for Switzerland, Klaus Kronwald: “We have been working together for three years within the field of rail and signalling technology. For Bolivia, there are many railway projects upcoming. Of course, we are hoping that we as Bayka can also run for these. For us as a cable manufacturer, it was a special challenge to make the cables suitable for the height.”
The order for the first track section contained our BayRail® signal box cables with steel wire armouring, BayCom® fibre optic cables with a non-metallic armouring as well as BaykaPLUS accessories.
Cochabamba is located 2,500 metres above sea level. This is why our cables had to be designed in such a way that they are suitable for the prevailing climatic conditions.

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