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Construction Boom in Hamburg

A Stiff Breeze for Bayka

Little by little, Hamburg has come to be a new boomtown. This especially results from Europe’s biggest city development projects the harbour city and the new symbol of Hamburg – the Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall). Construction sites wherever you look and of course, the traffic infrastructure has to adapt to the growing number of inhabitants, tourists and business travellers. Hamburg’s elevated railway as well as German Railways has invested millions in the restructuring of the public transport system of the Hanseatic city (far more than 48 million €). Our Bayka signalling and data cables were installed in three projects.

In the harbour city, a new station was built as a junction of the underground line 4 and city train U4. On top of a new bridge, which is 35 metres long and 245 tons heavy, there are the rails and platforms of the U4 station Elbbrücken as well as there is a viewing platform where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the local river Elbe. No matter which weather conditions, you can be carefree as the so-called skywalk has a huge roof. Fire protection regulations had top priority for our underground laid cables.

We as Bayka delivered signalling cables for the new road sections of Hamburg’s elevated railway and the city train. The city tunnel, which runs between the station Altona and the Hamburg’s central station, has also been renovated. Bayka delivered 43 kilometres of our BayCom® optical fibre cables which are classified as CPR Euroclass B2ca.

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