Together with Enercon to the Top (Handalm, Steiermark)

Tailwind Thanks to Renewable Energies

We as Bayka are confident that wind energy will be an increasingly important growing market even if there is a recession phase at the present. The major contract from our customer Enercon for one of the highest lain wind parks proves this trend in an impressive way.

The local energy supplier Energie Steiermark implemented a wind park with an investment of 58 million Euros. It is the biggest project for a wind park in the South of Austria. 13 windmills are supplying renewable energy to more than 21,000 households. The overall performance is 39 megawatts, annually 76 gigawatt hours green electricity are being generated. Hitherto, the wind energy producer Enercon has installed energy cables from the windmills to the transformer stations by means of expensive underground conduits. We presented an alternative: an energy cable that can be buried directly into the earth, which means a considerable cost benefit for the constructor.

In March 2017 Bayka succeeded to convince the project developers at Enercon of our new, flexible transformer connection cable. Therefore, it is now being used in all future Enercon windmill plants with externally located transformer stations. Enercon made their first order of our BayMotion® Power 1×400 mm². Four trucks which were loaded with the flexible copper cables left our production in May 2017 to hit the road to its destination at 1,800 metres height. The positive feedback from our customer regarding our products as well as our performance have paved the way for many future orders.

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