Cables for Underwater Application

Floating Houses

In one of the 20 Floating Houses at Marina Ramsberg/ “Brombach lake” (in Bavaria/ Franconia, near to our headquarters in Roth) your holidays will become an unforgettable adventure. Therefore, it is good news that they are for rent throughout the year. So you can afford enjoying the luxurious view by renting one of the Floating Houses.

The floating houses are located approximately 400 meters away from the shore. They are supplied with energy through a sub-distributor at the landing stage. You cannot compare the “Brombach lake” to the stormy North Sea, of course, but the cables still have to be protected against corrosion and abrasion.

We delivered special submarine cables for power supply, which were laid from the beach to the landing stage. They needed to be protected against fresh-water damage. The cores and the stranding structure of our new invention are highly flexible. The outer sheath is made of a hard and robust material which is protected against environmental influences. Needless to say, the cables also had to be longitudinally and transversally watertight and additionally protected against corrosion and abrasion. The laying was conducted by a local electrician company. Several of our employees took the unique opportunity and watched the exciting implementation of this extraordinary project at close range.

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