Bayka Lets the Munich Olympia Park Shine

Tailor-Made All-Rounder Cables for the Munich Olympia Park

After the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, the Munich Olympia Park with its world famous Olympic stadium became one of the most beautiful event locations in Bavaria. Almost 40 years later, comprehensive restructuring measures came up. Bayka supplied the connecting cables for the lighting system.

The Munich municipal utilities approached Bayka as connection cables for the new lighting system which should again last for four decades was needed. As the cable was not exclusively intended for laying in earth, it also had to be resistant to wind, weather, microbes and especially to UV radiation. In sum: An almost indestructible cable was needed. Furthermore, it also had to be also highly flexible and therefore easy to install.

There is no such cable meeting all these requirements and which can be bought off-the-shelf. Therefore, our technical experts have developed a completely customized solution:
The Olympia Park lighting cable 3×3 0,6/1kV
..and just in time for the anniversary celebration, the Olympic Stadium lit up with the brand new cable solution from Bayka.

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