Environment and Sustainability

More than 400 Small Measures Make a Big Impact

We have managed to reduce our overall energy consumption within the last three years by 20%.

  • Insulation of our factories’ hall roofs
  • Replacement of the heating systems in our administrative buildings
  • Changeover to ceiling spots in the factory halls
  • Installation of triple glazing for all windows in the administrative buildings
  • Changeover to LED lamps
  • Lowering of the temperature in the plants during bank holidays and company holidays
  • Regular notices with simple tips to reduce energy consumption for our employees
  • We hold regular trainings for our employees on the subject of environment and sustainability
  • We are considering our products’ lifecycle as well as certain environmental aspects

Further Measures for the Environment


Our company premises are surrounded by trees and a pond. In order to maintain the balance between cable production and nature we take care of the preservation of the tree stock and the protection of the local animal life. Last year, we even moved bats from a neighbouring demolition building to our company premises. This was made possible by nesting houses spread all over our production site.

DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

Energy Management System EMS

The production of cables is material and energy consuming. Therefore, the impact on the environment is big.

This is why we as Bayka have committed our company philosophy to the conversation or resources, responsible consumption of energy and sustainability. Energy management as well as environment management, quality control and working safety are embedded in our integrated management system.

One fundamental objective of the integrated energy management system EMS is to reduce energy consumption through several measures. In doing so, our processes are continously being monitored, evaluated and improved.

We have the following concrete saving targets until 2020:

  • Fuels
  • Natural gas/ heating
  • Electricity