BayMotion® nonfire soilblack EMC

BayMotion® soilblack cables are HP elastomer-insulated, low-capacitance and double-shielded motor connection cables specially developed by Bayka as energy, control and connection cables for drive systems (e.g. three-phase motors) with frequency converter technology.

Properties: according to CPR, UV and weather-resistant, can be laid in the ground, oil-resistant, flexible, according to IEC 60502-1 and Bayka factory standard

To our product

nonfire fire protection cables from Bayka

Higher safety level through cable solutions with high fire protection properties.

Fire comparison

In this fire comparison, Bayka nonfire cables B2ca are compared to cables of Euroclass Dca.

fire comparison B2ca vs. Dca after 2 minutes

fire propagation after 2 minutes

fire comparison B2ca vs. Dca after 5 minutes

fire propagation after 5 minutes

fire comparison B2ca vs. Dca after 9 minutes

fire propagation after 10 minutes

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