No, they are not subject to the CPR:

Cables acc. to the CPR fulfil high requirements regarding their reaction to fire.
The aim is to limit the propagation of fire and smoke.

Apart from the propagation of fire, heat and smoke propagation, acidity (halogen-free) and flaming droplets are being assessed.

Cables with functional integrity describe the resistance of the whole cable system in case of fire (resistance to fire).
The aim is to guarantee the functioning of safety devices like alarm, signs and extinguishing systems in the case of fire.
These cables are tested within the system – including the brackets etc. – regarding short-circuits in the give time span.

Cables with functional integrity therefore have a completely different aim; this is why they are entirely excluded from the CPR (see DIN EN 50575 section 1).

Generally the CPR applies also to small cable sections within buildings. It remains to be seen whether this regulation is also adopted into the respective regional building regulations. We are also waiting for the specification of the authorites.

A declaration of performance according to article 4 EU cpr must be issued for the products released for the market from 01.07.2017, regardless of whether they are have been in stock or not.

Many of our products have already been tested. To our products
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Practically all cables with PVC sheath can fulfill Euroclass Eca.

Anyways, the manufacturers have to implement the respective testings by a notified body. You can recognize tested products (latest from the 1.7.) by the CE label and the respective declaration of performance.

NYM cables have to be labelled in any case because they are intended for long-term application in buildings.

The standard length is the most frequently requested because it combines moderate effort in handling (common drum size) with favorable production conditions, and thus offers advantages for both parties. Of course, you can also order any other length from us.

The maximum production length is the greatest length that can be produced in one piece – i.e. on a drum. Order quantities that exceed the maximum production length are therefore always divided into several drums.

By default, order quantities are divided into standard lengths.
Please inform our sales team of your requirements with your inquiry.

All you need is standard rapeseed oil and cloth rags.

1. Rough cleaning: Wipe the petrolatum from the veins / fours with a clean and dry cloth cleaning rag – paper towels can also be used here.

2. Final cleaning: Use a rag soaked in rapeseed oil to wipe the remaining petrolatum from the veins – the stranding of the four must be loosened.

3. Wipe dry: Wipe the remains of the rapeseed oil from the veins with a clean, dry cloth rag – paper towels can also be used here.

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