Bayka Color Farbkonzentrate

Kunststoff-Farbmischungen und Farbkonzentraten

Bayka Color

Business Division

Bayka has been producing colour concentrates and mixtures since 1960. Originally these products were intended for our own production of plastic cables but over time we gained more and more customers from different sectors of the plastics processing industry.

Today our business division “colour concentrates” is an efficient supplier with its USP of high flexibility regarding special customer requests.

Product Range

We are producing according to customer specification, DIN 47002, RAL 840 HR, IEC 304,
Natural Color System (NCS) and Pantone.

The following carrier materials serve as basis for our colour concentrates:
Soft and hard PVC, PE, EVA, PUR, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, TPE, Polyamid and PBT.

In addition to our colour concentrates, we also produce PVC mixtures acc. to international standards as well as coloured mixtures.


Our customers are producers of foils, plates, pipes, hollow parts and technical parts.

The biggest customers are within the sectors of the automobile, toys, injection moulding and cable industry.

We are supplying to all EU member states as well as to Eastern Europe.


Modern production processes are vital for us in order to meet the requirements of our customers regarding quality, service and ability to supply.

We own the necessary processing plants which enable us to ensure the requirements and schedule for deliveries of a few pounds up to several tons of concentrates and mixtures.


Our customers rightly expect high quality.

In addition to the high quality, they also expect us to provide a fast development process for the adjustment and readjustment of colours.

Personal Advice

This is the most important aspect of the communication with our customers.

We assist our customers regarding technical consultation of already initiated projects or the development of new products.

Customer Service / Logistics

This is the whole process from the first consultation until the further processing of our products.

We are regarding ourselves as an external department of our customers and are always there for them. We do not only help – it is more to that. The way of helping is our motto which defines our daily work. Our customers can request their orders of special colour conetrates at a specific time. And we always have standard colours in stock.

You can rely on our experience and expertise.

You are in good company.


Franz Stengl

Manager Colour Concentrates

Phone: +49(0)9171/806-149
Fax:      +49(0)9171/806-139
Mobil:  +49(0)171/8615833

Hedda Meyerhöfer

Order processing

Phone:   +49(0)9171/806-144
Fax:  +49(0)9171/806-139