More safety, thanks to cables with high fire protection properties.

Cables acc. to the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Since 01.07.2017 all cables and wires that are permanently installed in buildings must be labelled in accordance with the CPR.

Bayka cables that meet the BauPVO criteria can be found under the menu point “Cables according to CPR”. This area is constantly being updated and expanded by new products.

Legal Basis

Fires in buildings are the reason for many deaths in every year. Bayka is a development partner for companies with very high requirements for fire-retardant cable systems. We support the European-wide legislation. Uniform and verifiable requirements – as formulated in the Construction Products Regulation for all EU member states – make it easier for planners, installers and operators to choose the appropriate cables.

Product Overview Bayka

Bayka offers a wide range of cables in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation from different areas of cable technology.

We began with energy cables in Euroclasses B2ca and Eca and went on with further energy, telecommunication and signal cables and cables for industry and plant engineering.

Cables and wires are divided into Euroclasses – from Fca (flammable – does not meet the requirements for fire protection cables) to Aca (non-flammable). The latter class Aca does not apply in practice for cables due to the plastic insulation.

Additional characteristics (smoke development / density, acid development / corrosivity, burning droplets) supplement this classification. The information on the fire classes are binding; they are documented in the so-called declaration of performance (testing by a notified testing institute or certification body and CE label).

Labelling on the cable

Euroclasses B2ca and Cca:

Bayka nonfire B2ca
Bayka nonfire Cca

Euroclasses Dca and Eca

Bayka CPR Dca
Bayka CPR Eca

Addition on the drum label

Declaration of Performance

The declarations of performance can be looked at via a reference number which is to be found on the delivery note, invoice or drum label.

Example: BE005-001 (special attention to capitalisation)